Calligraphy Masterpiece—The Beauty of Sutras, Writing, and Poems

October 3, 2020 to November 29, 2020

This is our first calligraphy-only exhibition, introducing masterpiece items owned by this museum, to showcase the beauty of this kind of art. The exhibition has a display of around 40 items, mainly featuring sutras created between the Nara and Kamakura Periods, calligraphic writing by Zen priests in the Kamakura Period and after, and poems penned between the Heian and Kamakura Periods including the National Treasure “Kasen Utaawase.” There are also exhibits created by those related to Izumi and Osaka, such as Keichu and Tomioka Tessai.

Alongside this exhibition, some signature items from our museum are shown as a special display. These include “Bansei” that was created during Southern Song Dynasty and passed through the hands of both imperial families and those of the Tokugawa Shogunate (National Treasure, exhibited from April 11 to May 6), and “Shrike in Barren Tree” by a Japanese swordsman of the Edo Period, Miyamoto Musashi (Important cultural property, exhibited from April 28 to June 7).

*Guided tours are scheduled to be held four times during the exhibition period.




Kuboso Memorial Museum of Arts, Izumi

Kuboso Memorial Museum of Arts, Izumi

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