Frame of Japan:
the World of Expressions in Traditional Mountings of Sugimoto Hiroshi

May 28, 2020 to September 6, 2020

Sugimoto Hiroshi is a contemporary artist who is well known worldwide for his series of photography, such as “Diorama,” “Theaters” and “Seascapes.” His artistic activities range over various fields: collections of antique works of art, architecture, landscape gardening, stage production and installation art.

The theme chosen this time is hyōgu, or Japanese traditional mountings.  Sugimoto has mounted his own works and his collectibles of all times and places by himself using antique brocades and other materials; those works framed based on his unique images and tastes and thus gained a new appearance which has been called as “Sugimoto hyōgu.”

This exhibition is composed of 2 sections: the first section introduces his own photography decorated with various styles of frames and mountings such as hanging scrolls, folding screens and common frames, and in the second section the works of Sugimoto hyōgu and the selected works from the Hosomi collection are juxtaposed to explore the possibility of expression achieved by mountings.  In this era of diversifying artistic expression, Sugimoto’s aesthetics set himself free from worldly bindings and make a sukisha, a man of refined tastes.  Please enjoy the richness of the expression in the world of Sugimoto hyōgu, which surpasses beyond the level of just being referred to as a mere hobby.




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Hosomi Museum

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