From the Tokyo Fuji Art Museum Collection:
—Eternal Treasures of Japanese Art”

September 1, 2020 to November 29, 2020

The “THIS IS JAPAN IN TOKYO” exhibition has been developed to provide visitors with a fascinating perspective of the bounty and essence of Japanese artistic culture, honed over a millennium, through the lens of such recognizable, clearly defined and enjoyable conceptual categories as “Kawaii” (adorable), “Samurai,” “Design,” “Gold,” “Four Seasons” and “Mt. Fuji.” Given these key words, the viewer is able to take in and traverse the vast panorama of Japanese art and artisanship at their finest in one comprehensive sweep.

The exhibition also incorporates the latest in virtual-reality (VR) technology. One station, for instance, displays a katana sword in a specially designed case that provides visitors with a simulated experience of grasping the piece with his or her own hand. Another VR attraction enables people to marvel at a golden folding screen illuminated by candlelight, which was how art afficionados appreciated the work during the Edo Period centuries ago, making for museum-going experience that is as unique as it is immersive.




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