Kanda Nissho: A Retrospective

April 18, 2020 to June 28, 2020

Kanda Nissho was an independent artist who continued to paint while working on a farm on the Hokkaido plains.
2020 marks the 50th anniversary of his death. To commemorate this, we are holding this large-scale retrospective of his works, the first to be held in Tokyo for 42 years.
Dead Horse, a vivid recreation of his childhood memory of a horse lovingly reared but lost to a fatal illness. Alone, where he superimposes his selves as a laborer and an artist in a portrait of his own face enclosed within a stiflingly claustrophobic space. Interiors, which seems to express Nissho’s inner unease due to the constant conflict of trying to balance his desire as an artist to paint to his heart’s content and the demands of his farming work. Horse (last work, unfinished), his final work showing half of a horse’s body. These and other works by Kanda Nissho overflow with the joy and sorrow, and the pride and anguish, of an artist to whom living and painting were indivisible.
This exhibition includes his most important works, and attempts to present the whole story about Nissho’s art. It offers an opportunity to explore in detail the evolution of his art, which repeatedly underwent great transformations.

※The museum is temporarily closed until further notice.  The exhibition is postponed.




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