Language of Birds, Fragrance of Flowers: Flowers and Birds Paintings of Uemura Shōkō and Uemura Atsushi

May 30, 2020 to June 28, 2020

Being familiar and coexisting with lives in the surrounding nature, both Uemura Shōkō and Uemura Atsushi had been fascinated by their beauty. While Shōkō sought the ideal paradise in his fantastic flowers and birds paintings, Atsushi approached the harshness of nature and captured the truth of it in his creations. The artists entrusted their profound feelings and emotions to the flowers and birds, and sublimated them into the world of eternal beauty.

This exhibition introduces the both artists works as a celebration of life attained in the sense of oneness with nature.




Shouhaku Art Museum

Shouhaku Art Museum

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