Nakayama Keisuke

May 19, 2020 to June 14, 2020

Nakayama Keisuke, an avant-garde Japanese painter from Hamamatsu City, has been challenging to depict “something cannot be captured with eyes” in his Japanese style painting. His abstract painting series Eonta (“eonta” means “beings” in Greek), started as his graduation project from Tama Art University, have later become a synonym for Nakayama. In contrast, his other series Islands, including Shikishima Island folding screen in the museum’s collection and the latest work Pilgrimage of the Holy Lands, emerge with concrete scenes of oceans and mountains. These landscapes are drawn from the bird’s-eye viewpoint and symbolize the uniqueness of his expression. This exhibition explores the Eonta and Islands series and other works of Nakayama chronologically as following the transition of his creative activities. The 9 latest works completed within the last two years are also on view for the first time in public. Please enjoy Nakayama Keisuke ‘s expressions of “not a simple reproduction” of the real world.




Hamamatsu Municipal Museum of Art

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