Special Display of Rediscovered Tsukiji Akashi-cho Town of Kaburaki Kiyokata

November 1, 2019 to December 15, 2019

Kaburaki Kiyokata was born in Kanda, Tokyo and started his career as an illustrator. The Japanese-style painter was ranked with Uemura Shoen among bijinga (portraits of beauties) specialists. This year, our museum acquired one his famous masterpiece, Tsukiji Akashi-cho Town that had been missing since 1975, along with Shintomi-cho Town and Hama-cho Gashi Zone. The three works form a trilogy. In celebration of the acquisition, we are pleased to give a special exhibition that unveils the trilogy and presents Kaburaki’s works in our collection. This small but gorgeous show features the cream of his masterpieces including Portrait of San’yutei Encho, an Important Cultural Property, and Monthly Manners and Customs of the Meiji Period, a set of twelve scrolls.




The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo (MoMAT)

The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo (MoMAT)

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