The 50th Anniversary of the Adachi Museum of Art
Encounter with Aesthetics – Giving His Heart to Master Paintings- Adachi Zenko’s Eye for Beauty

March 1, 2020 to May 30, 2020

Adachi Museum of Art, which opened in November, 1970, will mark its 50th anniversary this year. At this historical point, we will exhibit the paintings that Adachi Zenko, founder of the museum, particularly favored and collected with enthusiasm.
Zenko accumulated paintings in a wide range of schools, without favoring specific ones. Takeuchi Seiho, a magnate of the Kyoto painting circle; Uemura Shoen, a painter of numerous bijin-ga depicting a crisp mood; Hashimoto Kansetsu, an expert of animal painting; Sakakibara Shiho, who perceived flowers and birds with a sincere attitude—Zenko collected many masterpieces by these great painters, who colored the modern Japanese art world. Among these, the collection of Yokoyama Taikan is particularly noteworthy. Taikan’s conception and his distinguished expression skills attracted Zenko. As a result, he poured his passion into Taikan works, and he spoke of Taikan as “the love of his life.”
Zenko encountered great paintings, and decided to buy them after prudent examination. He fell in love with all the works. This exhibition will show these Japanese paintings, which have been the base of the museum’s collection. We will also show Zenko’s thoughts toward the works. We hope that you will enjoy the masterpieces that Zenko really loved.




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