The Esthetics of Cha no Yu

April 21, 2020 to May 24, 2020

The practice of drinking tea was introduced to Japan with Zen Buddhism during the Kamakura period. It formed into a tea culture in Japan over the Muromachi, Momoyama and Edo periods, reflecting Japanese esthetics of wabi and sabi. As the art of tea ceremony, or cha no yu, developed, many art pieces were appreciated and utilized for the practice. This exhibition will display masterpieces selected from the Idemitsu collection, from the viewpoint of cha no yu. With items of arts and crafts, ranging from calligraphy, paintings, to ceramics such as karamono and raku tea bowls that Japanese cherished, we will introduce the variety of art related to cha no yu.


Important Announcement regarding the Cancellation of the Exhibition

Considering the current situation of the coronavirus COVID-19 infection, the Idemitsu Museum of Arts announces the cancellation of the exhibition “The Esthetics of Cha no Yu”.

We apologize to all the visitors who have been looking forward to visiting the exhibition at our museum. We shall continue to monitor the situation, so please check the museum website for further updates.

Thank you very much for your understanding.




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