The Flower of Edo Paintings

September 19, 2020 to December 20, 2020

Part I: Extreme Beauty of Jakuchū and Edo Paintings
September 19 (Sat) —November 3 (Tue), 2020
Part II: Sophisticated Art of Ōkyo and Edo Rimpa
November 7 (Sat) — December 20 (Sun), 2020

About eighty masterpieces from the newly acquired former Etsuko and Joe Price Collection (Price Foundation) will be selected for exhibition in two parts. Part I features pieces such as the epoch-making Chōjū Kaboku Zu Byōbu (Mosaic Screens of Birds, Animals and Flowering Plants) by Itō Jakuchū, as well as the masterpieces of hand-painted ukiyo-e and genre paintings that show detailed depiction and rich expression. In Part II, you will be able to enjoy the world of Maruyama Ōkyo who led the Kyoto painting circle, and his disciples, and the sophistication of Edo Rimpa represented by Sakai Hōitsu and Suzuki Kiitsu.




Idemitsu Museum of Arts

Idemitsu Museum of Arts

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