Toko Shinoda:
Things Transient – Colors of Sumi, Forms of the Mind

August 11, 2019 to October 4, 2019

Shinoda Tōkō is a 106-year-old active artist who is still creating new expressions of art.

She started her career as a calligrapher and later established her own style of abstract ink painting which is free from the restriction of the shapes of letters.  Tōkō stands close together with something transient which can be found inside the change of nature and the flow of time, and discovers a single line of ink which is beating out a rhythm spreading to the boundless expanse.

This exhibition follows Tōkō’s artistic transition from the beginning to the present days by showing some 70 pieces of works and other references: her earliest works produced during the days of studying Japanese classic literature and techniques of calligraphy; her creative challenges in New York where she sought colors and lines of ink beyond calligraphy and then achieved the establishment of her own abstract style of expression; and her present minimalistic works which shave off everything unnecessary as much as possible and then sublimated into the momentary frame of mind.




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