Yukata: Colors and Designs to Cool Off in Summer

July 20, 2019 to September 8, 2019

Yukata is a single-layer cotton kimono for summer, and it has been gaining more popularity steadily among all the age groups in present day Japanese society, while other types of kimono are harder to be found in daily use.  The origin of the name of yukata is the combination of “yu” (bathing) and “katabira” (single-layer kimono).  As the origin indicates, yukata started to be used as relaxing clothes after bathing during the Edo period, and eventually was settled upon as a casual ware for summertime outings.  Today, yukata keeps developing itself in daily lifestyles beyond the framework of tradition, from the classic stencil indigo dyeing and Arimatsu tie-dyeing to the easily wearable length-adjusted yukata produced by contemporary fashion designers.

In this exhibition, yukata and patterns made from Edo to Shōwa periods are presented alongside with the ukiyo-e prints depicting the manners and customs of the time period, and the simple and delicate attractiveness possessed by yukata is explained from the viewpoint of designs and playfulness.  Please enjoy the beauty of stylish designs found in the comfort of yukata.




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