A Treasure Chest of Japanese and East Asian Art:
Masterpieces from the Kubosō Memorial Museum of Arts, Izumi

October 5, 2019 to November 24, 2019

Kuboso Memorial Museum of Arts, Izumi is a museum based on the collection of the Kubo Family, the founder of a cotton weaving company, Kuboso Co.Ltd., which was established in the Meiji period and stayed in business in the city of Izumi, Osaka for over 100 years until its last day of operation in 1977.  The collection is widely ranged and known for its quality; it is focused mainly on East Asian classics, and also on European antique maps and modern paintings.  In this exhibition, selected Japanese and Chinese arts are introduced, including some masterpieces of emaki (picture scroll) from the Kamakura period, as well as the ones designated as National Tresures and Important Cultural Properties.  This is the first occasion in 37 years that the collection’s renowned masterpieces are exhibited outside the museum.

※Some works will be replaced during the exhibition period.




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