Aoki Noe: Fog, Iron and Mountain

December 14, 2019 to March 1, 2020

This is how the world appears to me. To other people, of course, it looks differently. I want to keep saying that everyone is different.  —Aoki Noe

Aoki Noe, a sculptor, has been expressing how precious life is in the world where everything is changing and transient by using air and steam as motifs for her creation.  Her sculptural works look so light and airy in the middle of atmosphere, even though they are composed with heavy and solid materials such as iron and plaster.

Most of her works are created for a particular location for presentation and will be disassembled when the exhibition is over.  Aoki repeatedly makes, places and destroys her works, since she believes that within the cycle resides her sculpture as she practices it.

In 2017 Aoki became the 40th winner and the first female sculptor who won the Nakahara Teijirō Award, and has been holding her exhibitions energetically throughout Japan in recent years.  Please experience the present moment of Aoki’s creations which never stop proceeding.




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