Exhibition Celebrating the Opening of Rosanjin Hall
Former of Unique Aesthetics, Kitaoji Rosanjin ―Accessions and Other Master Works Exhibited Together―

April 1, 2020 to June 30, 2020

Kitaoji Rosanjin (1883-1959) established himself in calligraphy and seal carving in his earlier years. Through communication with artistic people, he opened his eyes to cooking and art. Then he opened Hoshigaoka Saryo, a Japanese membership restaurant, with his gastronomic indulgence raised. He gained a great reputation and popularity, and worked on producing dishes, flower vases, paintings and furniture to decorate the dining space. His works of calligraphy, pottery and lacquerware still effuse a dense unique personality in a wide range of areas.
As the Rosanjin collection, about 200 works were originally collected by Adachi Zenko (1899-1990), founder of the museum. After Zenko’s death, the current director Adachi Takanori (1947-) has enthusiastically collected Rosanjin works, taking over the founder’s vision. Today, the collection includes about 400 pieces.
This exhibition, celebrating the opening of Rosanjin Hall, a new facility to exclusively exhibit works by Rosanjin, will select 120 masterworks, including accessions from the collection that the museum is particularly proud of. We really hope you will fully take in his art in the exhibition space designed for the appreciation of Rosanjin’s works.




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