Japan:Country of Gold 
Screens of the Kanō,Hasegawa,Rinpa and Other Schools

April 6, 2019 to September 29, 2019

Consisting of a collapsible series of panels, the folding screen is an item of furniture that has distinctively evolved since originating in China and having been brought to Japan. In particular, elegantly colored gold screens, decorated with brilliant gold, saw not only widespread use throughout Japan, but were also given as gifts to Asian and European kings, and became uniquely Japanese works of art enjoyed internationally.
In this exhibition, all four rooms on the third floor of the Okada Museum of Art will be filled with gold screens—the Flowers of Japanese Art. This is our first attempt to organize an exhibition consisting only of golden folding screens. About 30 pieces from the Momoyama to early Showa period will be on display, including those by artists of the Kano, Hasegawa, Rimpa, and other schools, with paintings of flowers, birds, famous places, narrative stories, landscapes. Among the shining golden ground, the golden clouds flowing powerfully across the screen, and trailing golden haze, the expressions of gold are quite diverse, and the delicate sensibility shown by the Japanese towards this material shines through. As you notice the changes in how gold is used in each piece, as well as the transitions between different eras, we hope you enjoy this luxurious, gorgeous golden space.
*During this exhibition, some exhibits will be replaced.




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