Matsuo Bashō and the Art of the Genroku Era

September 11, 2020 to October 25, 2020

Matsuo Bashō (1644-94) is a haiku poet active in the first half of the Edo period, born in Ueno, Iga province, who became a master haiku poet in Edo. Through travels to the areas traced in Oku no Hosomichi (Narrow Road to the Deep North) and other later trips in life, Bashō searched for a high literary quality in haiku. His death in Genroku 7 (1694) in Osaka coincides with the time when Genroku culture was just blooming among the townspeople in the kamigata (Kyoto-Osaka) area. This exhibition will display calligraphy and paintings by Bashō, together with artworks by those who admired him, showing the representative arts and crafts of the Genroku era.



Idemitsu Museum of Arts, Moji

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