Museum 20th Anniversary Exhibition
Yūsei Horie – The Artist from Izumo who Challenged “Miyako”

April 24, 2019 to June 3, 2019

The first in 36 years, this grand exhibition is a retrospective of early modern period artist representing Shimane, Yūsei Horie (1802-1873). From adolescence, when Yūsei traveled Japan and was adopted by the famous Kaihō School in Kyoto, to his high-spirited adult years in Miyazu City, Tango Province, and later years as official painter for Hirose Domain, Izumo Province – we present the finest works from each stage of Yūsei’s life, including masterpieces never before seen in exhibition. Hand-written documents and preliminary sketches are also included to reveal a more accurate image of the master artist.




Shimane Art Museum

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