Subtle Beauty.
Japanese Etchings by Tanaka Ryōhei

September 20, 2019 to January 19, 2020

In Pursuit of Perfection
Tanaka Ryōhei (1933) believes in pursuing perfection in everything he does. As a graphic artist he has dedicated his life to the artistic interpretation of rural Japan. His detailed etchings in both black and white and colour portray a Japan of farmsteads, temples and landscapes. Inspired by Kyoto and surrounding areas, Tanaka’s works are meticulous depictions of both beauty and decay. Thousands of fine lines form the basis of his prints, with life-like textures that make his etchings almost tangible.

Rembrandt year
The exhibition ‘Subtle Beauty’ has been programmed within the framework of the Rembrandt Year. 2019 marks the 350th anniversary of the death of this famous Dutch Master and during this year exhibitions and a host of other activities will be held throughout the Netherlands.
It was around 1640 when Rembrandt began to do etchings of the Amsterdam country side.
350 years later Tanaka Ryōhei sought inspiration in similar locations in Japan’s rural landscape. Both artists share a love for pastoral farms and a preference for the application of textures in their works. It is therefore indeed fitting that the Japanese etchings of Tanaka Ryōhei are being exhibited here in Leiden, the birthplace of the famous master of etchings – Rembrandt van Rijn.




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