The 50th Anniversary of the Adachi Museum of Art
Japanese Paintings of Love
Abounding Affection, Cherishing Soul

December 1, 2020 to February 28, 2021

Japanese paintings sometimes reveal various emotions. Let us focus on “love.” Some bijin-ga paintings grasp the very delicate minds of women, for example, one who accumulates passion for her lover, or one who cares about her family members. Their figures, full of love, always attract the viewer. Works depicting children having fun together give a sense of “fraternity,” and those depicting Bodhisattva suggest an expansive devotion that enfolds people. The appearance of a couple of birds cuddling among the trees, can evoke feelings of gentle, calm love in nature. We can also understand the painter’s deep affectionate eyes toward those creatures. Focusing on love in appreciating Japanese paintings shows us their expanding expressions.
This exhibition, under the theme of love depicted in Japanese painting, will showcase works in which we can feel various forms of love, including love between a man and woman, family love, fraternity, and love toward animals. We hope that you will enjoy the heart-warming Japanese paintings of love.




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