The 50th Anniversary of the Adachi Museum of Art
Top 10 Japanese Painters
An Array of Best Masterpieces

August 31, 2020 to November 30, 2020

Adachi Museum of Art houses numerous paintings by modern Japanese painters who flourished from the Meiji Era to the Showa Era. In this period, the whole Japanese art world was very vigorous: these painters pursued new methods of expression, worked on fresh motifs, or introduced the Western-style expressions based on Japanese traditions. Opportunities to publish works were extensive, including governmental exhibitions and the establishment of art associations or institutions. Under these circumstances, some painters grew to be great masters, and became representatives of a time with much attention. Their works, which were painted with passion and unique individuality, remain full of attractions.
This exhibition will showcase masterpieces by the top ten great masters from our collection: Yokoyama Taikan, Takeuchi Seiho, Kawai Gyokudo, Hishida Shunso, Uemura Shoen, Hashimoto Kansetsu, Yasuda Yukihiko, Kawabata Ryushi, Sakakibara Shiho and Ito Shinsui. Their painting styles and subjects are very different, but all of them are great painters, who produced numerous masterpieces and every painter established an unchallenged position. We hope you will enjoy the best masterpieces by these ten masters from Adachi’s collection.




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