The First Step: the Origin of the Collection

June 21, 2020 to September 6, 2020

“The First Step: the Origin of the Collection” is an exhibition to commemorate the reopening of the museum after renovation.

This exhibition is designed to describe what the very first collection of the Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art was like by following the 87 years of its history.  In the spring of 1935, the third year since its opening, the museum held its first exhibition of its own collection.  “The First Step: the Origin of the Collection” gathers and introduces all 47 pieces of artworks from the original collection exhibited that occasion.

The 47 pieces of artwork were composed by 22 Japanese paintings, 10 Western-style paintings, 5 sculptures and 10 other craftwork; 38 out of them were purchased by the museum and 9 were donated by donors and artists.

Through this exhibition, the renewed museum presents the visions and dreams its collection would be in the future, which are hoped to be created through visitors like you.



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